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We work with partner organizations to provide a variety of tools and services to fulfill whatever needs you may have.

Awareness Campaigns

We partner with organizations to spread awareness about mental health and break the stigma, especially in athletics.

Mobile Apps

Our partners have created several mental health tools that are convenient and effective at the tips of your fingers.


We collaborate with organizations, universities, and sports teams to conduct research related to mental health and athletics.

Blogs and Journals

We publish and share journals written by mental health professionals, and we also create a space for athletes to share their unique stories.

Resource Distribution

We increase the accessibility of mental health resources for athletes by centralizing the distribution of those resources.

Consulting and Speaking

Our founder consults with institutions and teams to discuss ways to better support athletes’ mental health. He also attends speaking engagements, where he shares his story to encourage athletes in their own journeys.


Alston for Athletes

Alston for Athletes (AFA) is a family foundation dedicated to providing mental health resources to athletic directors, coaches, and student-athletes. We are fully committed to the mental development for the future generation of student-athletes.​

​Marcus Alston founded AFA in September of 2019 with one major goal: he didn’t want student athletes to go through what he endured without a support system. He built a team of motivated individuals to help spread the message of promoting emotional, and mental well-being.

Click here to visit the Alston for Athletes Website.


AthleteTalk is a mental health and wellness app that uses image-based daily posts, multi- day plans, and videos to engage athletes in daily reflection and applied exercises.

AthleteTalk combines the key features of popular social media platforms that make working on mental health and wellness attractive to athletes. By utilizing thought-provoking images, followed by abbreviated discussions, and short exercises its less challenging for athletes to work on wellness three to five minutes – or more per day.

Click here to visit the AthleteTalk Website.



ExTA is an online mental health platform that is for athletes and by athletes. Our mobile technology allows student athletes to connect to personalized mental health and sport performance services. All mental health service providers in our directory are licensed mental health clinicians credentialed as (including but not limited to) Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC), and Accredited Psychologists (PhD/PsyD). Our sports performance service providers are credentialed Certified Mental Performance Consultants (CMPC).

Click here to visit the ExTA website.


HEADstrong Foundation

Improving lives affected by cancer.

At the HEADstrong Foundation, we offer financial, residential, and emotional support to families affected by cancer. Our founder, Nicholas, recognized the scarcity of essential resources for families during their fight. Our team is based in Philadelphia and works relentlessly to provide resources for patients and their families who are receiving specialized cancer care throughout the country.

Click here to visit the HEADstrong Foundation website.


Born From a Shared Passion for Sport

Forged from a bond built on a high school basketball court, Restoic began as a solution which founders Danny Cavic and Ian Gulbransen wish they had access to growing up. It was their personal experiences with the mental pressures of high-performance later in life that transformed this mutual love for sports into a purpose-driven venture. Recognizing mental fitness as a largely overlooked yet crucial component of athletic performance, they sought to address the invisible crisis in sports: mental health.

Targeting the mental performance challenges faced by one in three student-athletes, Restoic’s unique blend of mental skills and wellness training, technology, and personalized coaching, creates a potent, athlete-centric solution. This innovative approach has already transformed the lives of over 6,000 athletes and, with the help of our partners, our content has made a powerful impact on more than 100,000 individuals.

Building upon the insights and experience garnered since 2019, Restoic is poised to offer the most innovative and transformational program in the market. Our story is one of resilience, evolution, and unwavering commitment to a cause. It’s a journey that continues to unfold, marking the landscape of mental fitness training with an indelible impact. Our past has shaped us, but our future holds the promise to shape and transform the mental fitness landscape of athletes worldwide.

Click here to visit the Restoic website.

The Bandana Project


The Bandana Project was originally inspired by “Dan’s Bandana Project,” an initiative that was first developed on the University of Wisconsin-River Falls campus in 2014 by Dr. Betsy Gerbec. Dr. Gerbec developed the concept after losing her son, Daniel Gerbec, to suicide in 2012, when he was a senior in college. Dan’s signature headwear, a bandana, became the primary symbol of the project– signifying that a student carrying a bandana is an advocate for mental health, a trusted source of support, and knowledgeable of mental health and suicide prevention resources available to students.

The project was adapted and carried forward in 2016 by Conlin Bass, an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Conlin went on to further develop The Bandana Project as part of his Master’s thesis at Yale, making it the dynamic program it is today.

In the fall of 2022, SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education) acquired The Bandana Project and incorporated it into its suicide prevention and mental health programs and continues to make improvements that support the needs of today’s students.


The Bandana Project (TBP) is a volunteer-driven movement dedicated to preventing suicide through promoting help-seeking behavior and increasing awareness of vital mental health resources. After a short orientation and basic suicide prevention training, TBP volunteers can proudly attach or display a lime-green bandana on their backpack, bag, or person, signifying they have pledged to be a safe individual to approach for mental health and suicide prevention information and resources.

We actively collaborate with various institutions such as high schools, colleges, workplaces, and other groups to implement TBP, working together to strengthen community connections and enhance accessibility to all available and relevant mental health and suicide prevention resources. TBP fulfills a crucial role in raising awareness about available support resources, while also striving to reduce the stigma associated with seeking help for mental health challenges and suicidal thoughts.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ!

The Bandana Project is proudly supported by the Hot Topic Foundation. The Hot Topic Foundation’s goal is to change lives by increasing access to mental health programs and music education. HTF proudly teams with nonprofits that provide these resources to those in need.

Click here to visit The Bandana Project’s website.

The Hidden Opponent

The Hidden Opponent (THO) was founded in 2019 by Victoria Garrick Browne, former Division I athlete and PAC-12 Champion who was a four-year starter on the University of Southern California Women’s Volleyball team. THO is named after Garrick’s 2017 TEDxTalk, which details her personal battle with depression and anxiety, and the mental health crisis facing athletes around the world.

The Hidden Opponent was endorsed and supported by the late Kobe Bryant, who listed it as a resource in his 2020 novel, “Geese Are Never Swans,” and now has over 900 student-athlete ambassadors, “Campus Captains,” on over 750 different campuses around the world.

Click here to visit the THO website.

The Zone

A Personalized and Data-driven Mental Wellness Platform

How We Help:  Schools and Athletic Organizations

Wellness Culture

Make your wellness program more effective by enabling a culture that prioritizes mental wellness.

Safe Space

Offer a safe space for all student-athletes. One that personalizes for their unique needs.

Be Proactive

Don’t wait for students to reach out. Be proactive with your student wellness initiatives.

An Edge

Give your university a competitive edge and make it the obvious best choice for new recruits.

Click here to visit The Zone’s website.

Untold Athletes


David Ball was a senior on the BYU tennis team when, on March 12, 2020, his twenty year tennis career came to a screeching halt due to COVID-19. As he talked to athletes around the country, it pained him to hear that so many athletes would not get the closure or recognition they deserved with such an abrupt ending to their seasons. These athletes stories were powerful and inspiring.

With the help of some amazing individuals, Untold Athletes was found as a way to share the inspiring stories of athletes who lost their seasons to COVID-19. Since then, Untold Athletes has expanded to sharing all athletes stories, regardless of competition level. Untold Athletes is committed to telling the stories that haven’t been told, and to giving a voice to athletes that are not always represented. We have been overwhelmed and uplifted at the strength of the sports community and look forward to sharing more stories.



To celebrate and empower athletes, inspire readers, and amplify voices through storytelling.


To unlock the world-changing potential of sports and create safe spaces for athletes to feel heard and accepted.

Click here to visit the Untold Athletes website.

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